Terminating Cat5 cables . . . at 70 feet in the air!

I work for a company that is a Wireless ISP, so I deal a fair amount with wireless networking equipment. Usually, though, I work on them from behind a keyboard and occasionally on the ground in a lab-type environment. We’ve been working recently on adding some 802.11a equipment to one of our towers. I worked on getting everything ready on the ground, including terminating the Cat5 cables that plugged into the radios.

Unfortunately, I forgot to run the cables through the weatherproofing connector before sending the wire up the tower. We had a professional lineman mount all of the radios and antennas for us, but he wasn’t able to re-terminate the Cat5 ends before he had to finish up.

So, up I went to re-do the termination. It actually wasn’t too bad. With the right equipment, climbing up and working was pretty easy and I felt pretty secure the whole time. In fact, the thing that worried me the most was that I felt pretty comfortable with it and was afraid that I’d forget that I was 70 feet in the air and do something dumb.

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