PHP 4’s call_user_func passes everything by value

I spent quite a while today debugging a problem where call_user_func was not passing a parameter by reference. I was trying to pass an object into a function whose name is not known until run time.

Passing it by reference means that changes made to $var inside foo() are made to the actual variable instead of to a copy of the value (when passed by value).  However, for some reason, when calling a function with call_user_func(), it passes everything by value, regardless of how the function is defined.

function foo(&$var)

$bar = 1;
echo $bar;    // outputs '2'

$function = 'foo';

call_user_func($function, $bar);
echo $bar;  // you'd expect this to output 3 now, but it still outputs 2

echo $bar;  // outputs 3 now

As the sample code shows, the solution is to avoid the use of the call_user_func() function by using a variable function name. Thanks to Steve Hannah’s blog post at for helping me to solve this one.

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