LastPass Challenges with Multiple Organizations

As a parallel entrepreneur, I’m a participating member of multiple companies. That brings with it some unique challenges, as many software tools don’t gracefully handle a user belonging to multiple organizations. I’ve learned to deal with that in many situations. Typically I’ll often having to log out and back in as the desired user or have multiple browsers or browser profiles open for each organization.

But one area I haven’t found a suitable solution for yet is with password management. I’ve long been a fan of LastPass for creating secure passwords and sharing them with users in an organization. As a result, most of the companies that I work with have used LastPass for years and we have a lot of experience with it and some of its quirks.

One significant limitation, though, is that is isn’t able to share folders from more than one organization. For example, there is no way for me to have a personal LastPass account, and associate it with more than one company. Or even for me to have a LastPass family account and see shared folders from both a LastPass enterprise account and my family at the same time.

A few other quirks I’ve found, in case somebody from LastPass happens to pay attention:

  • When linking a personal account with enterprise account, I have to log in to the Enterprise account to view my personal passwords. This seems backwards. Intuitively, I’d expect to log in to my personal account and view my linked enterprise data.
  • Shared folders from my personal account DO NOT SHOW UP when logged into my enterprise account.
  • Folder structure in my Personal Account is not reflected when browsing passwords in my enterprise account. Everything is “flattened” into a single folder. Strangely, if I search for a specific site, it does show
    up with the folder listed though.

I hope that the folks at LastPass are able to resolve some of these problems. I don’t have a great solution in the mean time, so am investigating alternatives.

Do you have a better solution for password sharing with multiple organizations? Please let me know in the comments.