Stupid Advertisers

Advertisers can be dumb. I don’t read a whole lot of magazines, but a couple advertisements in eWeek have made me laugh

First of all, is the latest VeriSign ad that says ‘Introducing the biggest advancement to Internet security in the last ten years’. Turns out that this amazing new advancement is that they now sell an ‘Extended Validation SSL’ certificate. The amazing feature that they’ve manage to incorporate with this, is that modern browsers will now display a green address bar when it detects a site using one of these new certificates.

So that’s it? The big advancement of car insurance quotes in security is that the address bar turns green? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Sounds to me like just a way for VeriSign to make more money.

And my favorite, stupid-funny advertisement is a Microsoft ad that used to be inside the front cover of eWeek. You’ll notice the text that claims 5-nines uptime with a star next to it. Then read the fine print in the footnote of the start that says “Results Not Typical”. It still makes me laugh. To bad they don’t run this ad anymore.

Funny Microsoft AdThe TextThe Fine Print

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