Avazio.com it is

After spending far to many hours looking up possible domain names, I’ve finally settled on avazio.com. This will be a place for me to sell programs that I’ve written, and to advertise System Administration and Programming services. There is no special meaning or anything to the name. It’s just something that sounded cool and was available. I’ve spent a little time putting up a website there with a little bit of information about the products and services that I’m hoping to sell.

I’m actually quite happy with the look of the site. It’s nothing too complicated, but I have created all of the graphics for it myself using an old version of Paint Shop Pro. Considering that I know nothing about graphics, I think that it looks pretty good. I picked the colors from colorschemer.com (although I forget which one).

2 thoughts on “Avazio.com it is”

  1. Yeah, I’ll continue my technical blogs on this site. I’m still undecided on any methods I may use to drive traffic to the new site.

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