Receive $50 to $210 in free Money

I don’t generally post about non-technical things on this blog, but these deals are too good to pass up. I just received my payments for $85 and am expecting $100 more by doing nothing more than signing up for a couple of web sites. There is no obligation required, you just need to sign up at these sites and provide them with some personal information and a bank account so that you can withdraw your money. Both sites are reputable companies.

The first free money comes from LendingClub is a peer to peer lending site when people can make to or receive loans from other people. The site gives you $25 just for signing up when you follow this link. Their referral program means that I earn $25 for referring you, and you if you are married, you can refer your spouse so you each earn $25. You can then withdraw your $50 and your spouse’s $25 with nothing more required. It takes about 4 business days between signing up and confirming your bank account, and then 4 more days to get the cash in your bank account.

If you have some extra money in your bank account and feel up for it, then each of those $25 bonuses double to $50 when your first bank activity is transferring $1000 into your LendingClub account. You would receive an additional $25 for signing up for you and your spouse, and the referral fee doubles to $50 when the referred person transfers in the $1000. Your $1000 can be immediately withdrawn without loaning it on the site. It ties up your $1000 for about 4 days when the money is transferred into the account, and 4 more days when you withdraw it back into your bank account.

So if you are married and take advantage of the $1000 bonus, you and your spouse can earn $150 from LendingClub for free. Instead of withdrawing it, you might actually try lending it to people on the site. If you invest your free $150 in some investments, you would receive around $4.80 per month for the next 36 months totaling $172.80.

RevolutionMoneyExchange is a new site that seems to be competing directly with PayPal. The benefit over PayPal is that any transfers between members are completely free (Paypal charges 3% + $0.30). Seems like it is worth trying out and I know that PayPal needs some competition. They also give you $25 just for signing up and $10 for referring someone. So you could earn $60 free by signing up and referring your spouse.

The fee is only available when somebody refers you, so just let me know your email address in the box below, and I’ll send you an invitation.

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