Quick WordPress Upgrade

WordPress has had a few security vulnerabilities recently, and I thought it best to upgrade all of my blogs. Although it is not at easy as dummy-proof as I would like, upgrading WordPress is pretty simple. The key to doing it safely is in not modifying any of the core wordpress files. As long as you don’t customize those at all, upgrading is a piece of cake. I just had to do it on three blogs that, and it took about a minute a piece. From a shell, just run these commands

cd <your_wordpress_directory>
mkdir /tmp/wpbackup
cp -R * /tmp/wpbackup
wget -O /tmp/wordpress.tar.gz http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz
tar -xvzf /tmp/wordpress.tar.gz  -C /tmp
unalias cp
cp -R /tmp/wordpress/* .
alias cp='cp -i'

Then hit your admin page in a web browser. If the database layout changed at all, you should be prompted to update your database with a single click. Once everything is done, look at the bottom of your admin page to make sure it is the current version.

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