Derby Startup Script

I was surprised when installing Derby for a customer, that it only provided a command to start derby running as a server from the terminal. I guess most users likely used it in embedded mode where the application runs derby itself. But surely there are people who would like the multi-user features of having it run as a standalone server.

Google searches didn’t find any suitable startup scripts either, so I wrote my own and figured it might be useful for others. Anybody who is interested can download it here. Simply save it as /etc/init.d/derby and create a ‘derby’ user before using it. It assumes that derby is installed in /usr/local/derby, so be sure to modify the first few lines to match your exact configuration.

4 thoughts on “Derby Startup Script”

  1. Hi,

    I was searching for a solution to start derby on start up. I luckly saw your post. Thanks for the script. But, I have a problem in your script. when i start the Derby using

    /etc/init.d/derby start

    it says permission denied.

    I am running centOS as root. any suggestion please.


  2. Clarence,

    I missed mentioning that you have to make the script executable. Just run this command, then you should be able to execute it:

    chmod 755 /etc/init.d/derby


  3. Thanks!.

    Your script always says that “Derby already running, can’t start it”

    I just changed the script to look for process started by user derby than checkin for derbyclient.jar.

    is there anyway I can use the same code or the changes i made is ok?


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