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I’ve been considering starting a website just for the software that I write. Much of it will be open-source, like my Speedtest, and a few other things that I’ve written. I also want to create place to sell some software as well. I’ve been thinking about domain names, and it is difficult because any .com that is remotely desirable has already been taken and hosts a stupid search page. I’ve contacted a couple that I was interested in and the greedy people usually want thousands of dollars for them.

So, I’ve been looking at ‘alternative’ top level domains thinking that maybe I can come up with something clever like del.icio.us. I’ve been unable to find an online dictionary that allows me to search just based on the last letters of a word though. I’m hoping to search for .us, and have it show me all of the English words that end in “us”. Since I couldn’t seem to find any online, I just took a few minutes and made my own.

I found a free version of Webster’s Dictionary available at the Gutenberg project, and wrote a quick Perl script to find all of the words and then see if they match the criteria I specified. Figuring that it may be useful to others, I made a public Reverse-letter dictionary search available on my site. It searches about 110,000 English words that end in the letters you specify.

I also found a kindof fun Name Generator that generates random Web 2.0 names. Maybe it can come up with something interesting. I still haven’t come up with the right name yet, but I’ll keep trying

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  1. Good job on the Reverse-letter dict search. Comes up with some decent results.

    That web 2.0 name generator is funny 🙂 Never know, there might be the perfect one from it.

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