Features are Seriously Lacking

I got my first SourceForge Marketplace job a few days ago for an installation of Awstats for a customer.  I’ve installed Awstats plenty of times and I sometimes have a qwirk or two, but it is generally pretty painless.

Not for an account at

Their features are seriously lacking and their security prevention measures too intrusive.   I should have know that I was in for trouble when I realized that they don’t offer any way to create cron jobs.  I ended up having to use a free account with instead, which works, but is not ideal.

The layout of their directories was not very intuitive, and took too much tinkering to figure out.  But the really annoying part is that they limit the file size created by the web server to just 100k.   I was trying to parse a 40 MB of log files for a given month, and awstats would quickly die with an Internal Server Error.   It took a while to finally figure out that it was choking because of the 100k file size limit.

I’ve submitted a ticket to their support asking to increase the file size limit, but will be interested to see if they will allow it.

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