Mobile wireless data usage

I’ve seen people claiming that mobile wireless Internet is a good replacement for a home data service, especially if you have a laptop.  For some users that may be okay, but not for me.
Slashdot pointed me to a blog post that looked at the latest Terms of Service for Verizon’s service.  In there it says that with bandwidth usage over 5 GB per month, they assume that you must be doing something that violates their terms of service, and can therefore, discontinue your service.  I’ve never looked at my own bandwidth usage for home, but I’m pretty sure I do significantly more than 5GB in a month.

Also, interesting in their terms of service, it said that it was only to be used for Internet Browsing, Email, and intranet access.  It sounds like Gaming is out then. It also said that it is not allowed to be used as a substitute or backup for private lines.  Doesn’t sound like its good for very much then.

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