My wife has gotten seriously into knitting in the past year and was recently wondering about how much she had knit in the past year. I was surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a website for tracking such information, so decided to make one for her (and for anybody else who might want it).

The concept is pretty simple – just put enter how much you knit each day and it will add it up for you and can summarize it by project. It generates a little widget that knitters can put on their blogs to compare with others.

The site still needs a little work here and there, but is pretty functional at this point. Users are free to sign up and try it out – all for free of course. I’m looking for user input to see what still needs some work.

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  1. I like that idea too, but I have a question. How do you know of how much you knitted. Do you measure yarn as you go?

  2. You can either do it when you finish a known length of yarn (ie: a skein that has 60 yards), or when you finish a project (ie: I used 3.5 skeins with 60 yards each).

  3. Hi, I just saw this widget on another blog, and there isn’t much info on, so I was just wondering if one can get the measurements in metric?

  4. Line: Yes, once you log in, you can specify metric units (meters / kilometers). You can also specify English units in feet/yards/miles as well.

  5. I just saw this on It is wonderful! Thank you. I have been looking for something to keep track. Just a suggestion but you might want to make one to keep track of the stash as well! That would be very very helpful! You just need to be able to take out when you use some of the yarn.

  6. I knit and love this app. I also spin my own yarn and would LOVE a spin meter. the code could be exactly the same, just replace the work “knit” with the word “spin”. I would like to display to the world the number of yards I have spun this year.

  7. I knit and love this app. however, I also spin my own yarn. I would love a “spinmeter” it would be exactly the same code just replace the word “knit” with the word “spin”



  8. it might be fun to have a stitchmeter – to give the “I have knit 2,876,988 stitches in the last year” statistic. Same concept, just different units, and can be measured after the project is complete if one wasn’t paying attention to yardage.
    I don’t think anybody will want a frogmeter, though. Too painful to document steps back in addition to steps forward.

  9. Hi! I really loved using the knitmeter. I was just wondering if it would get an update sinds I can’t choose “in 2016” en “in 2017”. thanks!


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