Jungle Disk Error getTotalSizeByType DB error (11)

My hard drive recently died and I was able to restore most of the files without any incident. However, it seems that some of my cached JungleDisk data became corrupted. When trying to connect to a bucket, it generated this error:

getTotalSizeByType DB error (11) database disk image is malformed

Some quick google queries identified this is an SQLite error, but didn’t provide any method for fixing it. Removing and re-adding the bucket to the JungleDisk configuration didn’t resolve it.

To finally get it fixed, I just cleaned out the JD Cache manually. The cache directory is configurable from the JungleDisk Settings menu under "Application Settings" On a Windows machine, it is likely in C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Username>\Application Data\JungleDisk\cache. That directory contains sub directories for each bucket that you connect to. I closed JungleDisk, then simply deleted the cache directory for the bucket that was having the problem. Then when restarting JungleDisk back up, I was able to re-add the bucket and it recreated the cache and went on to work fine.

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