Joost Beta

After waiting for a couple months, I finally was invited to join the Joost beta program . I was pretty impressed with how easily the signup process went, the program installed, and I was able to start watching TV.

Joost is a company that is attempting to use Peer-to-peer protocols to deliver streaming video. It’s a pretty cool idea and seems to be well implemented. It certainly has a few problem areas still though:

When running the App in a window, it is pretty buggy. Switching between it an other applications is painfully slow sometimes. Also dragging or resizing the window looks weird.
I’m currently unable to exit the program from inside of it. I have to use the tray icon to kill it

I wasn’t interested in hardly any of the content that was available. I watched a couple of music videos and parts of some National Geographic shows, but everything else didn’t interest me much. I suppose the content will grow over time.
While playing a show, I did a quick tcpdump on my connection, and it looked like I was downloading from about 8 sources at any one time.

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  1. Wow, within minutes of posting this, I’ve already got several people asking for invitations. Sorry folks, but they are already gone

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