Installing Software RAID on a running Ubuntu Box

I’ve done this several times on several distro’s now. My last post was about setting this up on CentOS 5. Setting it up on Ubuntu is mostly similar, but requires a couple of significant changes.

Again, Falco’s HowToForge article does a good job of explaining the process. I followed the guide for Debian Etch with the following changes:

I don’t think that Step 2 (installinginitramfs-tools and mdadm) is required.

Prior to Step 3, when editing /etc/fstab, you need to know the UUID’s of your new volumes. You can use the ‘vol_id’ command to get those

root@host:~# vol_id /dev/sda1|grep UUID=

Instead of replacing /dev/sdX with /dev/mdX, you need to replace to UUID’s for those with the UUID’s from the new /dev/mdX devices. Also, when editing /boot/grub/menu.lst, you’ll need to replace the UUID for /dev/sda3 with the UUID for /dev/md2

The rest of the process should work as documented.

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