Google Spam Filtering Sounds Great but I Can’t Sign Up

Google announced yesterday new services and pricing based on their Postini message filtering service.  The service sounds great, and I’ve been looking at moving away from my current mail filtering service for a couple months now.  Pricing starts out at only $3.00 per user per year.  I did a little checking around, and verified that I can add domain aliases and user aliases and that it looks like they can be tied to a single $3.00 account.

That is exactly like what I need.  I have a bunch of domains, and use several email addresses at each one that all forward to a single Inbox.  For $3.00 a year, it sounds like a great savings over my alternate plan which was creating my own MailScanner box.  Plus with Google, I won’t have to worry about redundancy, or keeping my own filtering up to date.

Perfect, so I went to sign up.  I put in my domain name, agreed to the TOS, then put in my credit card information and hit submit:

Google Won’t let me sign up for Posting

Oops, looks like something went wrong there. That’s not the best way to instill confidence into your new customers.

3 thoughts on “Google Spam Filtering Sounds Great but I Can’t Sign Up”

  1. So I’ve had a Google Checkout account for awhile, but have never setup anything with it yet. So since I was logged in, I went ahead and setup the usual stuff for receiving payments through it. I also noticed that you could setup your payment methods, so I went ahead and setup a default payment method. So I set that up and then tried again to buy the Google Messaging Service and it went right through. Must be a problem with Google Checkout if you ask me….

  2. Thanks Kevin.

    I finally found how to add a default payment method (had to click on ‘Payment History’ at the top first, then there was a link for it on the left). I use Google checkout as a seller and don’t think I have ever bought anything with it before. After getting that default payment method though, I was able to complete the purchase also.

    I guess I’m just waiting for more instructions now.

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