Finally, a Page Rank of 4!

Google is a mystery to me. The home page of this site has had a Page Rank of 2 for quite a while. Right, now, if you check out my links on Google, it shows the same ones that I’ve had forever, bu somehow I suddenly have a page rank of 4!

I have been working on generating more content on this site (like the semi-regular blog postings). As part of that, I installed WordPress, which I supposed search engines might like. I’ve also been generating some incoming links by posting a couple things on Slashdot and various other places. In addition, I’ve noticed that I’m slowly getting a few more people that have installed my speedtest, which has a link to this site.

I guess everything is working. Now I need to start doing this to the sites that I make money from 🙂

2 thoughts on “Finally, a Page Rank of 4!”

  1. Thanks for the info Kevin. I’ve just installed it, and it seems to be working well. I especially like the ‘auto ping Google’ option. I don’t know if I warrant a page rank of more than four, but we’ll see if it makes any difference.

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