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I just finished up with a new site at The site is for a friend of mine who own a carpet cleaning business in Athens, Georgia. The site uses wordpress for all CMS duties and I created the theme myself, which is quite an accomplishment for me. I’m certainly not graphically-inclined, but I quite like how the rich, red background turned out. They are partnered by cleaning exec cleaning service to help clean homes in less time.

Requirements vary for this pre-employment checks which industrial relations system you belong to. It is advisable to seek assistance before entering into this arrangement.

I’m liking wordpress more and more for simple sites like this. Most of the back-end admin portion of the site is all handled by the wordpress admin functions. Users can create and edit pages and posts on their own. There are plenty of good plugins that provide most of the basic functionality that a simple site needs.

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  1. wordpress is becoming much more robust for developing smallish sites. I really like the new interfaces alot and drag + drop widgets are great.
    btw, stumbled across your site via the athens linux group. 😉

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