When color-blindness sucks

I spent most of the afternoon and evening rewiring the cable and data in our house. I’m also terminating a couple of cables into wall-jacks and putting a small punch down block in a central area so that things are wired a little better.

I got most of the way through everything, and was doing a cable where a room isn’t finished, so I was going to leave the RJ-45 end on.   I wired it up at the punch down block just like I did all of the others, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I tore the ends apart and put them back together a couple times to make sure everything was connected good and tight.

It turns out, that I had the greens and browns mixed up on the connector I was using.  The other jacks that I had done, were at least consistently wrong on both ends, so they worked.  But since this one was ending in an RJ-45, it actually mattered, and didn’t work.  Stupid color-blindness.
Anyways, I’m a perfectionist, so went back and re-did most of the termination with the correct colors.

2 thoughts on “When color-blindness sucks”

  1. My dad is colorblind and I’m actually colorblind myself and both of us are ones that put the wiring in place. My dad has a harder time with it though because he has more to do. But everytime we move and have to wire stuff, he always asks me to help when I can’t choose either. But it is always fun to try and figure out what goes where. He even color-coded the wires at one point…. I still don’t know how that helped 🙂

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