Implementing greylisting on Qmail

With my previous success with greylisting, I have decided that it definitely works well and is worth the little bit of effort it takes to get is installed.    Configuring postifx was very simple, and I (unfortunately) run several mail server that run Qmail.   After a few minutes of googling, I decided on qgreylist, which was the simplest implementation by far.

Several of the alternatives required patching and recompiling qmail, which I definitely didn’t want to do.  qgreylist is just a simple Perl script that runs “in between” the tcpserver and the qmail-smtpd process.   You download it, change the path to it’s working directory, and tweak a couple other variables.  Then copy it into a permanent location, and configure qmail’s smtpd process to send messages to it.   It took a little longer than postgrey, but not too bad.

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