Converting Qmail / vpopmail forwards to database format

I’m not a fan of Qmail, and am in the process of migrating users off of it. As one of the steps in a long process, I’m first migrating users from one qmail server to another. The destination server uses a database-backed vpopmail installation to store some of the user information in, while the source server is still using the traditional file-based structure. Each email alias each had a file named .qmail-USERNAME which contains one forward per line. So a forward for brandon would be named .qmail-brandon and contain something like this:


There exists a utility named ‘vconvert‘ which converts the actual user accounts into the new, database format. But after a little searching, I was unable to find a similar utility to convert aliases. So I wrote up a quick one in perl.  I tried pasting it here, but WordPress mangles the syntax.  Instead you can view it separately or download it

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