Websites I’ve Worked On

Posted on November 18th, 2008 in by Brandon

The following is a partial list of websites that I have done significant work on.

  • This website!
  • – Sell your used books for the highest price by comparing prices from 30+ book-buying websites
  • – Award Winning Teacher, Author, and Speaker, Brad Cohen’s Website. His life’s story was recently featured as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on CBS
  • – Compare prices on College Textbooks to reduce your cost of textbooks by an average of 61%
  • – Compare prices on virtual currencies to find the best prices
  • – A widget for knitters that shows how many miles of yarn you have knit recently
  • – LDS Scripture RSS Feeds
  • – A Metro-Detroit Social Networking site owned by the same company as the Detroit Pistons
  • – A social networking site related to athletes looking for career opportunities
  • – A small ISP and Hosting Company in Ogden, Utah
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